Prayatna is a non-profit organization striving to bring about a difference in the society we live in. It works in the fields of Healthcare, Education, Livelihood, Youth Management, and Disaster Management. It started in 2003 in Bihar after getting registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act (1860), and works to improve the quality of life of the people living in the rural areas. Many welfare activities have been organized in such communities like free health checkups, educational support to the poor and the like.

Our Mision

Prayatna will strive to empower individuals and communities living on the margins so that they are economically and socially endowed, live a life of dignity and contribute meaningfully to society.

Our Vision

Create a society of empowered individuals who realize their full potential in a manner that is sustainable and equitable.

Work Areas

  • Education: The organization facilitates formal education opportunities to help children learn better, and provides the quality learning experience to prepare them to face a challenging world ahead. It hosts a Think tank “Bihar Education Promotion Centre” which strives to solve issues in the ambit of education and schooling in the state of Bihar. Know more
  • Healthcare: Healthcare activities taken up by Prayatna include working on raising awareness on sanitation, cleanliness, vaccination, prevention of diseases among other health-related topics. We also provide access to health care services through free medical camps. Know more
  • Livelihood: As part of our vocational training programme, we furnish individual skill development and provide people with livelihood opportunities. A major focus of our work is in Enterprise development as we believe that the future of the country hinges on it. Know more
  • Sustainable development: Keeping in mind the shortage of resources against rising demands, it becomes mandatory to use them judiciously. We work to sensitize masses about eco-friendly practices and encourage sustainable development especially around agriculture and environment issues. Know more
  • Youth Development: Prayatna encourages the youth to realize their roles and responsibilities towards the nation, and encourages them to realize their potential in order to contribute positively to society. Encouraging youth to imbibe Gandhian values is core to this programme. Know more
  • Disaster Management: Disaster management constitutes of helping people by minimizing their losses in the event of a disaster, setting up of relief camps and making them aware of disaster prevention methods. The flood-prone plains of Bihar necessitate this intervention very often. Know more


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Prayatna believes in making a difference to the world in a collaborative manner rather than doing it alone.


Prayatna encourages socially conscious people to be a part of the social development world in exciting and meaningful ways.


What started as a bunch of sporadic awareness programmes soon branched into structured programmes across Health and Livelihood.