Prayatna has taken a step towards improving the education system in Noida by setting up smart classrooms in five underprivileged government and private schools. In order to enhance the teaching methodology and develop these schools, five LED TVs have been installed in each classroom.

E-content has been provided to the teachers to ensure that the latest teaching methodologies and resources are being used in the classrooms. Furthermore, teachers have been provided with training on how to conduct classes through smart TVs installed in the school, and how to effectively use the e-content provided to them.

This initiative by Prayatna is aimed at improving the quality of education and providing better opportunities for the students in these schools. By providing access to the latest technology and teaching resources, the students will be able to learn and grow in a more conducive and effective environment. The smart classrooms will also help the teachers to deliver lectures in a more engaging and interactive way, which is expected to improve the overall academic performance of the students.