Disaster Management

“If a natural disaster strikes your community, reach out to your friends, neighbors, and complete strangers. Lend a helping hand.”

– Marsha Blackburn

Natural Disasters can be a testing time for the community where they may feel helpless. In India, floods are the most common form of natural disaster which takes place especially in the Northern part of Bihar. It is important for the communities to not only be provided with necessary relief measures, they should also be well versed with the methods which should be undertaken under Disaster Management. 2004 onwards, Prayatna has focused on the Muzzafarpur area in Bihar with flood relief measures and has worked with the local community and the government officials to minimize the losses people endure during such times. Some of the services provided:

  • Disaster management training and planning with locals and officials
  • Distribution of medicines and health camps with focus on water borne diseases
  • Provisioning of basic food materials and drinking water
  • Providing clothes and other essentials
  • Building temporary and permanent structures for shelter
  • Provisioning of light arrangements and security at night