Access to quality education is the key to a prosperous nation. According to 2011 Census,  India’s literacy rate is 73%. A wide gender disparity lies between boys and girls, 82% of boys are literate whereas, only 65% of girls can read and write. For a developing country, like ours, education should not be limited to the traditional forms of learning, but should also encompass value education, emotional intelligence and 21st century skills.  The New Education Policy and the Right to Education Act is a step by the government towards improving the quality of education and ensuring that no child is deprived of education due to lack of resources. 

Prayatna has been working towards promoting the importance of education since its inception. As an NGO working for the upliftment of the vulnerable communities, the journey started through a small remedial education centres in the slums of Muzaffarpur, Bihar and has continued to grow into various large-scale programmes in both formal and informal education methodologies.