The aim of the programme is to help adolescent girls and women from marginalised communities, who face barriers to access their rights and fulfil their potential due to lack of resources and patriarchal mindset of the adults in the family. The programme is designed to impart knowledge to women about life skills, their rights and opportunities through experiential learning using sports as a tool. The programme is implemented through Community Sports Coaches, who are a part of the target community. The coaches are guided by the Lead Trainers and the Prayatna Team.  

Netball clubs are formed where girls are guided to influence their families/communities to understand girls’ rights and create an ecosystem that removes barriers to enhance girls’ leadership and outcomes in life. Prayatna encourages the girls to take charge of the netball clubs, so that the power dynamics shift to the girls rather than the programme implementors.

Prayatna also involves the parents and community members, since girls can only exercise their rights if their environment understand gender inequality and commits themselves to enhancing life outcomes of girls. The girls who miss out on the programme due to restrictions at home and other challenges, they are provided with a Goal@Home Book, so they are not left out. The book guides them through the life lessons and helps them take a little steps towards their freedom and agency on their lives.

The programme has built relationships with partners who can help with internships to these young women so that they are work-ready and understand how to navigate themselves to economic freedom. The programme is right now being implemented in the Delhi (South East Delhi), Mumbai (slum areas in Mumbai and tribal areas of Thane) and Bengaluru (South Bengaluru, Kudlu and Bismillah Nagar).