Prayatna is a non profit organization in India working on issues related to education, health, livelihood, promoting active citizenship and sustainable development for more than a decade. It started working in 2003 in the state of Bihar after getting registered under the Indian Societies’ Registration Act of 1860. In early days the main focus of organization was to improve the quality of life in the rural areas. Many welfare activities like free health consultation, free eye cheek- up camp, educational support to poor etc.

Our Mision

Prayatna will strive to empower individuals and communities living on the margins so that they are economically and socially endowed, live a life of dignity and contribute meaningfully to the society.

Work Areas

  • Education:¬†Facilitate formal education opportunities to help children learn better and longer.
  • Health care: Work on awareness & improvement of healthy habits and access to services.
  • Livelihood:¬†Facilitate individual skill development and connect them to livelihood opportunities.
  • Sustainable development: Work to sensitize and demonstrate to the masses, eco-friendly methods and practices.
  • Active citizenship: Help children and youth realise their roles and responsibilities as they contribute positively to society.
  • Disaster Management: Help common people by minimising losses and providing reliefs at the time of disasters.

Our Vision

Create a society of empowered individuals who realize their full potential in a manner that is sustainable and equitable.

Join Prayatna

We encourage both long term and short term associations depending on mutual comfort and purpose. If interested please get in touch with us at


Prayatna believes in making a difference to the world in a collaborative manner rather than going it alone.


Prayatna encourages socially conscious people to be a part of the social development world in exciting and meaningful ways.


What started as a bunch of sporadic awareness programmes soon branched into structured programmes across Health and Livelihood.