On this Bihar Diwas 2022, we look back at the journey that Prayatna undertook, and how it grew.

 Bihar Diwas marks the occasion of Bihar formation day. Prayatna had humble beginnings in Bharwari, a small village in the district of Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Though officially registered in 2003, Prayatna as an idea was planted long before. The organization’s founder Mr. Prabhat Kumar has lived by the Gandhian principles and implemented the same ideals of serving the marginalized and empowering them within the organisation.

In the year 1998, serving as a part of National Service Scheme during his college days, he worked in the slums of Muzaffarpur. He saw the deplorable conditions of people and understood the true meaning of object poverty. This proved to be a turning point in his life, and he felt that he found his true calling. He made his life’s mission to serve the people have been countered and help them live a life of dignity. Mr. Kumar found his mentor in Late S. N. Subbarao, who single-handedly led the movement of the surrender of654 dacoits in the Chambal. He joined Mr. Subbarao as his PA and got the chance to travel across India. Mr. Prabhat was inspired by Mr. Subbarao’s dream of a just society, and his relentless efforts of working towards it. Mr. Prabhat received his mentor’s blessing to start an organization, which will be guided by Gandhian principles and his mentor’s zeal for a just society.

Prayatna began its journey on March 28, 2003, with6 volunteers. Since its inception, Prayatna started providing free classes to the street children and looking for avenues to provide livelihood to the needy individuals. Within three days of registration, Prayatna got a chance to work with persons with disability with the support of Bihar Medical Graduate Charitable Trust and U.K. Crutches. This was a huge opportunity for the organization to mark its presence. We distributed wheelchairs, blind walking sticks, tricycles, and other aids for the disabled.

Within three days of registration, Prayatna got an opportunity to work with persons with disability by the support of Bihar Medical Graduate Charitable Trust, U.K. Crutches. The organization distributed wheelchair, tricycle, blind sticks etc. to the people in need. Though Prayatna experienced the best of luck in its initial days, the journey ahead was still long and arduous, to establish itself. The years following the first project were rough because there was no funding, and the projects were far and few. Mr. Kumar had to invest his assets into Prayatna to keep the organization running.

Ramakrishna Sewa Shram came forward to hold hand with Prayatna and brought along with the opportunity to work under the thematic areas of education and livelihood. Ramakrishna Sewa Shram formed with us the longest running partnership, and we still have projects ongoing with them.

Slowly and steadily, Prayatna started expanding its operations. One our largest programme is emergency relief, which runs every year for the flood affected population in Muzaffarpur. The floods cause huge damage to life and property along with people losing their source of livelihoods. Prayatna has partnered with government and private agencies to provide relief in the remote areas. Areas around Muzaffarpur are majorly agrarian economies and helping the farmers has been a part of our agenda. Wes tarted educating them over the topics of soil health, use of natural insecticides and pesticides, mixed cropping methods and other sustainable techniques of agriculture. Over the years, Prayatna has built a strong network of farmers which includes 400-500 farmers. Under education we partnered within ternational agencies like Terres des Hommes, Nitya Bal Vikas Deutschland, United Way, Give to Asia, UNICEF, India Peace Centre, and Vishwa Yuvak Kendra. We were able to benefit around 2000 children in the remote areas of Bihar.

Through the years, Prayatna was able to out grow the state of Bihar and expanded its operations in the states of Jharkhand, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Odisha, and Delhi-NCR under the thematic areas of livelihood, education, healthcare, youth developmentsustainable development and emergency relief.

You can know more about our journey here!

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