Education is a powerful tool that can help break the cycle of poverty and create opportunities for a better future. With this belief, Prayatna is supporting school students in the state of West Bengal and Assam, so that they can continue their schooling. These students come from marginalized background and their parents work as daily wage labourers. It is impossible for them to uniforms and books for their children, as most of their income is used to feed the family and keep a roof over their heads. It is important to ensure that children from such families have access to education and necessary school supplies, which can have a significant impact on their future opportunities and success.

Prayatna came forward to help these students out in completing their education. The students are paid monthly instalments, so that they can purchase basic school items, which can help alleviate the financial burden on their families and ensure that the students stay in school. Prayatna is currently supporting 20 students through this programme and has plans to expand it further.