Prayatna has been working in the Kanke and Ormanjhi block of Ranchi district with the aim to double the income of farmers and artisans and help them form their own enterprises. The programme includes vocational training for underprivileged and providing them hand-holding support for financial and market linkages, so that the enterprises become sustainable.  

The implementation of the programme is facilitated through the Enterprise Resource Centre. The focus is on the following four vocations: 

  1. Bamboo- we have trained around 100 women artisans in the traditional and innovative designs of bamboo products. After their training we facilitated them to form their own SHGs, and assisted them with financial linkages, so that the SHGs can be self-sustaining. Currently they are catering to the orders that they are receiving through various mediums and on the way of becoming self-sustainable.  
  2. Pottery- around 50 artisans have been trained with the objective to provide them with a sustainable source of income through local traditional art. The existing beneficiaries are upskilled to manufacture market-oriented products of clay-based pottery. Through our intervention, the beneficiaries were able to acquire pugmill and electric chalk at a subsidized rate, which is helping them in growing their business.  
  3. Tailoring and Embroidery- 89 women from the surrounding tribal areas have been trained in tailoring and embroidery with an objective to establish their own self-run business enterprises and deliver bulk orders of local market through Self-Help Groups. 
  4. Organic Farming- we are working with 80 farmers and help them see the benefit of shifting from conventional methods to organic methods of agriculture. The activity comprised integrated pest management through use of natural pesticides (neemast, amrit-khaad, amrit-paani) and organic growth inhibitors. The farmers showed keen interest in the methods and have started implementing them in their farming techniques.