Prayatna has been working in the communities of Noida since we set up a corporate office here. During our covid-relief operations, we realised the need of providing a source of livelihood for the women in the communities. We initiated the WEPP programme in Sorkha and Khora communities, for women who wanted to earn a livelihood. Prayatna set up two Enterprise Resource Centres in these communities which work as a focal point of for providing training, and upskilling to the beneficiaries in their preferred vocations, and acts as the hub for the financial and marketing linkages for the produces. 

The vocations chosen for this programme were Madhubani painting and Stitching. The training will also include sessions on soft skills and enterprise skills, so that these women can set up their own enterprises. To make these enterprises sustainable in the longer run, Prayatna will provide hand-holding support for marketing and financial linkages along with availing government schemes like artisan cards among other things.